Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Yummy Breakfast...I made some (just add water) pancakes, some (turkey) bacon, and scrambled eggs.
Hunter likes the bacon but doesn't chew and swallow it so well.
Anyhow...wrote my May newsletter, and am looking forward to sending it out, though I'm thinking I may wait until I can order a family short from Shutterfly...I dunno yet. I do know it's not going to arrive for Mother's day, so I'm toying around with the send date.
I go in tomorrow to get a filling done (156 bux later), and Darius needs a filling as well (though I can't find anyone who will sedate him and may just end up getting him the old fashioned needle in the mouth crap). He's got an appointment to get to two warts off the bottom of his foot next week as they keep bothering him. Hmmm...lalala.
We're having a party on Saturday for Chance's manager who's leaving for someplace, and Sunday we're supposed to go to Toledo with Rhonda and Don. I can't say I'm overly-thrilled to be going north, but I think I'll be ok if I can snag a nap someplace along the way. I know the boys are going t be tired, and I know Chance'll probably be useless from being either tired or grumpy, or both. That's worse case case would be me getting both boys to sleep in a decent time, and us getting a proper amount of sleep. I'll keep my fingers crossed, cause I'd really like to have a good time seeing as I've never been to Toledo before.
Anyhow, I guess I should go find something to do with the boys ;o)

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