Monday, May 12, 2008

What a long weekend.
I'm sick...nauseated, and achy all over with stomach cramping coming and going. I feel awful.
Anyhow, we had our party on Saturday evening, and as usual I went way overboard on the food. I should've just made my usual platters of fruit, cheese and crackers and left it at that. I was under the impression that more people were going to make it out, and that we would end up with a few staying the night, but they all bailed. I was irritated that no one showed up until almost 8pm, and never mind that but, they didn't want the BBQ stuff. If I had known that I would'tve bought the stuff to begin with.
Anyhow, I missed about an hours worth of the party, and by the time I got back everyone was for Jamie and his wife Jessica who stayed until 2 something. It was fun.
Rhonda and Don kept both kids overnight, which made it really quiet on our end, and I have recollections of hitting the bed and not gaining consciousness until 8am. Though, it was only about 5 hours of sleep...oh well. It was uninterrupted in any event.
Sunday we went up to Toledo as planned. I thought we were supposed to have reservations someplace, but I must've misheard the plans cause we went to someone's house and spent our afternoon there. It was nice, if a bit awkward. I really felt like I just didn't belong there, like I was interrupting something special...and after Toby left I found out why. The family hadn't seen him in 2 years, so it was special to finally have him visiting again on his own. So, there we were, cramming in with our family, trying to visit with everyone and Toby too. I think they would've been better off just staying with just their family...personally. If I hadn't seen someone in 2 years and the people I was visiting threw a party, I think they'd be too distracted to spend that time getting to know me again.
In any event, it was a smooth trip both ways, Chance, Hunter and I slept on the way up, and Hunter and Chance slept on the way home. Darius watched DVD's, and I read. It made for a quiet trip.
We managed only one meltdown while we were out, despite Darius being over-tired (his eyes were all puffy). It wasn't too horrible, but I resolved it by having Chance and Darius talk, and making D walk with me. I brought 3 spare outfits for Hunter, and one for D, and actually ended up using them all. Thank-goodness I pack like I do. :o)
I'm sick now, in any event...I assume from pasta salad gone bad that I ate last night. Hopefully the boys take it easy on me.
In any vent, we now have plans for next month to drive up to Michigan for Toby's graduation. I'm wondering how that one will go...I guess I'll lay down the specifics needed for the trip, cause it's a bit longer. Make a list, make a list...otherwise how are they to know?
Anyhow, uploaded my pics to Flickr.

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