Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Hate it

Uploaded pics to Flickr, and while I was there I changed the permissions on the main family photos from private to public. It seemed to take forever cause Flickr lags quite a bit, which I find annoying. I guess I just have a lot stored on their site :oP

On another note, I'm rather irritated at the stupid health care system down here.
I took D to the dentist last week and they said he had a cavity that needed a filling. I asked for him to be referred to a pediatric specialist so he could be sedated for the procedure (as they tried once in BC to do a regular filling with horrid consequences), and they gave me the number to a place called Locust. no Dr. name, no, "they'll call you to make an appointment", not even a location. So, I phoned them (a bit apprehensive that I'd even get the right place, they sure don't go out of their way to make you feel comfortable with these things), and they said their pediatric specialist had just recently left their practice, and though they could still see him, there were no specialists available (meaning NO one there would sedate him, he'd hafta get a needle in the mouth and be awake for the whole thing).
I called the main dental office back and told them this, and asked for another referral, and the lady on the other end said they don't refer out to anyone else except Locust, and that if I wanted to find someone else I'd have to either do it on my own, or phone the insurance company and ask them for a recommendation. WTF?! Are you serious, you seriously only refer to ONE fucking place?! I have NEVER heard of that.
So, along with this I discovered that I missed my dental appointment to have my filling done (156 tab to boot). I thought it was today at 5pm, but when I pulled out my card I discovered that it was last Thursday at 5pm. When I phoned to reschedule, I discover I can't get in until June 5th at 6pm.
I called back again because I realized that I forgot to schedule Darius in there, and when I tell her I had been referred out she interrupts me and says once he's been referred we can't take him because the Dr. feels he can't work on him. It pisses me off that she didn't eve give me a chance to finish what I was explaining...stupid bitch, I swear if I could've jumped through the phone she'd have a fat lip. ANYways, once I waited for her to stop speaking I finished explaining that I had asked for the referral, and then she puts me on hold for about 5 minutes while she discusses it with the Dr. She comes back and says, "Well, the Dr. didn't even get an x-ray (Yes, he did get X-rays, just not as detailed as he was hoping because D was uncomfortable doing it), so he's recommending you take him elsewhere. I have a few numbers to places you could try as an alternate..." and proceeds to give me the numbers.
Hold up...I thought they didn't refer to any other place than Locust?
So, she gave me the number to one place there in Ashland where they are, and one for a Dr. down in Columbus. That's over an hours drive away...for a simple filling.
If I were home this all would've been taken care of in a week.
I'm ready to pull my hair out with these idiots. How do such incompetent people get jobs?
I hate the stupid fucking useless money grubbing greedy ass insurance companies and their fucking health care system.

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Anonymous said...

THis is totally reason enough for you to move back to Canada. American healthcare SUCKS. UGH.