Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Score :o)

So, I dragged us out and about today. Chance wanted to visit Friendtique in Wooster, I had a few various things to do getting some postal paper and getting my packages out, and taking the recycling in, grocery shopping, and the like.
We got up, I put the laundry away, we ate cold breakfast (Chance had cooked it for us, but I got so busy putting laundry away I didn't get to it until it was cold), and headed out (It was still about 10:45 sadly, we had wanted to be out around 9:30). We hit Friendtique in Wooster where we took a good look around, they had very reasonable prices and nice stuff (All monies go to Hospice, a bonus). Then we visited the antique shop next door on our way out where I bought 5 scarfs (The really flimsy kind that older ladies wore to keep their hair nice) for the craft box and such for Hunter that I'm building (Thanks to 365 Games Smart Toddlers Play). Then we hit The Parlour right next door, a small diner with an old school feeling to it. We got our food quickly, and it was tasty, but very greasy.
We hopped into the truck and hit a Liquor store behind Chance's work, and a kid's consignment store as well, where we found this terrific wagon for $35! It's got the drink holders, and an umbrella. I like it, and I believe it'll come in handy once we move to Wooster with all the walking we'll be doing. Then we went to the Dollar tree for the wrapping paper, stopped for gas and headed to West Salem to hit the post office, and the recycling depot, and after I dropped Chance and D off at home I continued on with H to Ashland and hit up the Wal Mart. I picked out Chance's birthday gift, plus new sandals for the boys, and got all the groceries...except bread. Hit Wendy's on the way home, and here I am.
I feel like I got hit by a truck.
Lastnight we went over to Don & Ronnie's because she had lost her keys (we spent the morning with her up in Elyria visiting her office to get the tickets for Cedar Point for Chance's birthday, which we're doing next week...that came up too quick!). So, I decided we should clean out their garage (I've been itching to do it since we moved here) because they'd looked everywhere and couldn't find them. Sure enough, about 20 minutes into cleaning, she found her keys hiding in the garage in some random place we never would've looked.
It's kinda sinking in that we're moving soon, and that I should really be packing, I'll get to it, I swear!
I've spent a lot of money in the last two weeks, but this weekend is a long weekend with lots of garage sales...these'll be the last ones for a good long while. Honest!
Hopefully I'll keep myself to that promise...

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