Thursday, May 15, 2008


Wow, what a busy day.
Darius had a dentist appointment at 8:30 this morning with a totally bizarre dentist. Dr. Ghazarian is a northern European decent who never fully got rid of his accent. Was a decent man, but (I think I caught him staring at my chest) was a very bizarre dentist. I'm not entirely certain that I can fully explain how the experience went, but I'll try.
We entered the office with about 2 minutes to spare and noticed the office was very small, with the walls that are the portable kind. He had two small rooms to work in and had one dental assistant (which explains why I had to call three times just to get someone to answer).
When we explained D's predicament about not being able to get a decent x-ray at the other place, and how afraid he was of needles, and after he got the x-ray he needed he was puzzled by the outcome because it didn't show anything was wrong. After a bit of problem solving he figured out that the same old filling had fallen out a bit again and just needed a quick repair (if I had known that I would've gotten it done before without all the hassle, but nobody told me it would be so quick and easy) He didn't require a needle, so all of our pent up energy was wasted. He was just a very odd person. When he first took Darius into the exam room, I stayed about 7 feet away in the waiting area, and Darius said he didn't like his tools (once again, the anxiety of needles) and the Dr. rolled out and said "He doesn't like my tools, I can't work on him if he doesn't like my tools". So I went in and stood with him, and he made the comment about 2 minutes later "I see, you're trying to gain control over me by telling me you don't like my tools...Well, I'll set that straight, I'm the Dr. and you're my patient and that's just how it is." (I tried real hard not to let my jaw drop)
His dental assistant corrected him by saying he's just being curious and helpful. She got A+'s, but he failed dismally. I think during our initial introduction I caught him staring at my chest, so I covered it up too.

Afterwards I took the kids to the park, by this time it was about 9:30 so we had it to ourselves, which was nice. We played for about 30 minutes then took off up to Chance's work and picked up the cell phone from him before heading over to the Goodwill store where I bought the boys a couple of books before heading back to Chance's work for lunch (D requested it, I don't care much for it). We sat in the restaurant before heading tot he truck because we were having some issues sitting still and behaving. We finished our lunch in the truck before heading to Rhonda and Don's to do the weekly cleaning. We arrived at about 12:30 and left by 4pm.
After getting home we relaxed a bit and then Chance arrived. We had a snack then headed to West Salem with the intentions of turning in the change from our piggy bank ($104) and checking out their local thrift shop (which was closed). We sat down for dinner at a mom&pop pizza place and on our way home I said "Hey, there's a sign there that says free piano". So we swung around and drove by again to make sure it said that, then pulled up and inquired.
So, we now have a piano (the wall kind, with a flat back) in our possession that's about 100 years old but still very functional. Yay us! I had intended to get D into some sort of music lessons in the fall but hadn't decided what kind yet. I guess we have our answer. How exciting...I've never owned a piano before. hopefully it won't drive me nuts.
Tomorrow I'm planning on taking the kids garage-saling again with me by myself while Chanc is at work, and I promised D I'd pack a picnic for us for lunch. Oh boy!
I feel alive again!

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Nietha said...

cool, a piano

Anonymous said...

immediately made me think of Steve Martin's "dentist" in Little Shop of Horrors! Kinda creepy 'bout the lookin' at your chest part - you were more noble about it than I would have been!