Monday, May 19, 2008

Bursting Bubble

Ya know...I've taken almost 100 photos of myself in the past week or so. I've become addicted to the camera and timer, trying to get that perfect shot like I did so casually last year.
I've yet to get it, but I have found a couple of nice ones along the way.
I guess all those pictures meant I felt good enough to be in a picture...I hope y'all know where I'm coming from on that one. The kind of day where you feel so good, you need something to remind you of it later on, just to recapture the feeling. I guess I've been feeling that for a couple of days in a row...hence all the pics.
I tried on a pair of jeans that I got the other day for the first time (second hand of course) this evening and my bubble was very crudely popped.
I thought I looked ok in them, even though they felt a little snug. I of course, being an iodiot, asked Chance what he thought about them. He said..."they look fine dear, except they give you camel toe"
Just think about that phrase for a minute everyone...please. CAMEL TOE. You can imagine what that means if you don't already's safe to assume it's NOT a compliment.
I could've done with, "they look a bit too tight, dear"...or, "I don't think those are your style"...or just plain old "no"...
I associate Camel Toe with 500lb. ppl trying to fit into their stretchy pants (it's hard to state that out loud, because I don't care to be judgmental) on the park in the emails. I don't associate it with 165lb. women who are beautiful.
I feel ugly, repulsive and I truthfully feel like crying.

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Anonymous said...

Never ask a man how you look. They're either going to say some really off the wall comment or they're not gonna tell you anything very helpful. You're beautiful and full of confidence (hence all the lovely pictures!). Cry the tears (it does make you feel better) and keep smiling that gorgeous smile of yours!