Sunday, February 19, 2006


I got my hair cut today, finally...was only planning to do it since before Valentine's day, and it feels like it's been forever since I last got it cut. Got rid of the shag, and got a nice little layer added into it. :o)
Anywho...spent this morning cleaning up after my husband had a bad run in with some shrimp and imitation crab meat, and probly the mayo in any of the dips he used lastnight at our neighbours 50th B-day Bash. Yummy.
After all was said and done...I convinced mom to go to the flea markets with me. I'm still hunting for that chest you see, and didn't see one today in my search either. Though, I must add that Zellers is having a sale on the big Bins that have the flip lids for 12-14 dollars. I'm quite tempted, but, honestly, what sort of historical value will those things hold in 5 years? I'm interested in something that I can hand down. :oP
All of us (Chance, D, mom, and I) spent the day shopping yesterday...almost enough to drive me nuts, but whatever. I bought a few baby items, clothing and blankets and such. I also bought a pair of pants, and two new tops for myself. Yay me, no more running round looking like a lump, I actually feel pretty now. :o)
Chance bought himself some new works shoes...steel toed (and bottom lined) shoes for the drywall hoppers. They're actually women's, but they look real comfy, and are still stylish. That was a tough call for him, as he was more interested in buying himself a Team Canada coat...but I'm impressed he had the presence of mind to just turn away, no matter how hard it was for him to do. Proud.
Made some more applesauce today, and am much happier with the results that I have this time than I was the other time...this one seems more like applesauce. We bought some big apples from the "BC Fruit Packers" Co-Op, and they were real cheap. :o) I got two whole jars worth.
Anywho, am debating on which bus to take out to Van...whether I should leave Monday night, or Tuesday Morning...I dunno, it's probly more convenient to leave on the Monday evening, I'll just have a bit of a wait once I get there cause I arrive 2 hours earlier than Candice gets off from work.
Darius goes back to Pre-school this week, seeing as he missed V-day, and there was no school on Thurs., this'll be quite a stretch for him.
We ordered from Boston Pizza for dinner tonight, I'm actually almost hungry.
I'm finding that the heartburn is starting to kick in a lot more now, which means that I will probably have to stop drinking Cranberry juice. :o( Oh well, gives me opportunities for some exploration of the other fruit juices.
Anywho...I guess it's back to the grind.

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