Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Poor Little Guy

Well, jeepers. I was so excited about taking Darius to his Valentine's Day Party today, and my poor little guy has a cold. :o( He's got a runny nose, and a sore throat, and he sounds all raspy. *sighs*
Oh well, I'm just sending Chance to the school withthe treats that I tossed together lastnight, and the ards D and I made last month. I hope he doesn't miss out on anything too much today. Guess we'll hafta throw a party for him here somehow.
In any event, I decided to make Valentine's Parfaits for the kids.
Raspberry Sherbert, Canned Raspberries, Cranberry Sauce (the whole kind, not jellied), sliced Strawberries, and Real (unsweetened) Whipped Cream. I tried to place the Strawberries on top to look like hearts. :oD
Always gotta go with the healthy!

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