Thursday, February 02, 2006

Busy Days Begin, we're now worried about the bills...
But That's only cause I haven't mustered the courage to phone my boss to ask for my last pay. *sighs*
Chance went to work with Art today.
Sometimes I get real annoyed with those friends of his. Why do they always have to plant ideas in his head. Yes, I know, they're just trying to help...but damnit, not like that. Please be reasonable with your suggestions...
Today it was my job to get my little Mr. off to pre-school, and was quite pleasant. Got him off on time and everything...only had to wake up 2 hours in advance to do it. ;oD
It's a day for productivity.
Not good...our bathroom sink (underneath) is rotting away...Kimmie made the horrid discovery that everything was sopping wet, and it's not good. The only reason why we didn't notice it earlier is cause we store our towels there, and they appear to have soaked up most of the water, but not enough to stop it from going molldy! It stinks in that bathroom now that we have everything out. Fuck. It's also soaking wet underneath our washing machine (again) and under the wall there...which means it runs beneath the bath tub and shit.
We're hooped.
We should all start praying now.

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Anonymous said...

when it rains...sounds like a combined effort with family members who do construction ,etc might be an option...a break in the horror would probably be welcome about this time, eh?

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