Monday, February 06, 2006

Home Repairs and Ultra-Sounds

My poor husband. He's frustrated that we can't have our home repair problems solved *snap* right now. He started asking me lastnight..."How bad does it have to get before..."
When I asked him to finish that sentence, he said he couldn't because he knew that there was nothing that I could do about it.
It just takes time...and it's no worse than spending our time camping without any running water! :o) At least we have running water. We just can't run our dish washer or our washing machine. Hello laundry mat! And, hello sponge baths! I have no problem doing a nice sponge bath, and washing my hair in the kitchen sink...the men, well, they're kind of coming around.
As for an occasional shower...well, can always go to the pool, or the Gym where Chance plays Basketball. Definately not the end of the world, just a little adjustment is needed.
We go for my second ultra-sound today...and wouldn't you know it, it snowed today! Yucky old snow, put a damper on the tight schedual I worked out for myself lastnight. Blah.
In any event...started off this morning by giving Darius a bath in the Kitchen sink. He really enjoyed himself, but made the water all greasy because I forgot to move our scrubby out of reach, and he was playing with it. Just a quick refresher of water, and we continued on. :o)
He even had toys and everything. Always cute to watch them have new (at least I don't think he remember having an actual bath in the sink, with soap and everything. We've done it for play before) experiences. :oD
Tommorow is Darius' day at Pre-School, and he's very excited to bring his Robo-Sapien. Am hoping we can take Chance to work after he's done with the Pre-school thing.
D got mom to rent Toy Story 2 from the video store, and it hasn't come out of the DVD player that...that was on Friday.
I would like to hope that he's gonna get Toy Story 1&2, and the new Wallace & Gromit DVD for his birthday...but we shall see. :o)
Valentine's Day is approaching...and am considering mebbe buying something a little extra to toss in my bag of goodies for the boys...but we shall see.
We played Bingo lastnight, and mom won 20 dollars. yay us.
Saturday we went out to the Rona (home builders type store) and wandered around. When we went to leave the store, Darius spotted a van with some balloon pictures on the sides with lettering in it...and he went running up to the van, and started reading off the letters while the people who owned the van stood by and "ooh-ed" and "ahh-ed". He charmed them pretty good, but we all chuckled when he got to the phone number on the van..."seven, six, upside-down six... " was pretty darned cute.
Now that he can recognize numbers and letters upon sight, it's time to work up a learning plan to get his writing skills up to par. :o) Plenty of time for research I say.

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