Friday, February 17, 2006

Sunny and Cold

God help me if yesterday wasn't an extremely trying day with my two boys.
I just sparks the other, and they blow each other into hot little flames that burn my ass everyday they both happen to be home with me.
I can handle one on his own, or the other on his own...but get them two together, and get them kinda pissy at each other, and watch out.
Add to that a 20 minute nap for a little boy who's sick and hasn't had his medicine for the day nad you got a wolloping headache real quick.
Thankfully, we went out to dinner, and that seemed to ease it up tons.
We worked on writing yesterday, and am still having trouble getting Darius to write his name without the letters to trace over. he doesn't seem to want to try and do the letters on their own.
Hmm...poses a dilemma...but I'm sure after I put some thought into it, I'll figure something out.
It's beautiful looking outside, but the thermometer says it's colder than a polar bears' paw. I'm surprised D hasn't asked to go outside today like he was yesterday.
He spent his morning snuggling and playing with his gumball machine. *rolls eyes* he managed to find one, solitary gumball, and he played with those all morning. He only just now gave it up for Buzz Lightyear.
D's been an aweful big help this morning. I vacuumed nad he helped me pick everything up off the floor, then he helped vacuum, and then he helped me get his oatmeal ready. :o) He even tried to feed himself before I got fed up with him getting oatmeal on the couch cause he was paying too much attention to the tv instead of the hand that was on it's way to his mouth with the spoon in it.
He's definately in much better spirits today...and hopefully, I'll be able to get him into some crafts today. We shall see.
i'm still hoping to do the bathroom...I also wouldn't mind sweeping the kitchen floor. We shall see how that goes as well.
Mom wants me to start looking up closet plans. but I'm gonna hafta get an idea of what she wants where seeing as I've only entered their room once since this whole stuff started.
I'm getting excited about going to visit Pokie in her new apartment next week...3 whole days without my boys, wowee. I'll probly end up cleaning the place from top to bottom. LOL
I guess I'm off to face the day...

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