Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Production is my Middle Name

Phew...thank goodness Chance was home today otherwise I might've never gotten everything done. :o)
Did the laundry...9 loads=2 1/5 hours+40 dollars. Chance dropped me off and let me get it started whilst he got D and went to Zellers and such. Then he brought Subway for lunch whilst the clothes finished drying. I fed D while he folded laundry. sweet to help out so much.
I did dishes this morning, and vacuumed and dusted while he tidied entryway, cleaned the bathroom and did a tad bit of re-organizing that I wanted accomplished.
Still need to go back to the store to buy a few household items, the boys only got haircuts and a treat each, so we'll probly hit something up on the way home from the Midwife's.
Gosh I love it when we have productive days like today...specially when I know everything is being done like it should be. :oD

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