Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So, last week at Baby Group a nice lady came and dropped off a basket for me. It contained pamphlets on all sorts of resources within the community (Most of which I have gathered in the last 3 years) and a couple of books and whatnot. I was really impressed with it's thoroughness, as I myself had gathered these items in the time frame, I was impressed that they had it all in one place. I htought maybe that it would have been helpful had I recieved something like this when i had first arrived in Kelowna. I went for Lunch at the Wellness Center, where we had a meeting from a person who's included in the program that handed these baskets out (Success by 6). It was basically a feedback information session in which we were asked how well they covered the bases, and if there were other things that could be brought to table with any resources they may have missed. I mentioned a whole lot of things, a few of which the lady stated she'd never been asked that before. I felt kinda special...LOL
Anyhow, we got a free Chinese food lunch out of the deal, and I even got to take the leftovers home too.
Was interesting, and am rather disappointed that this has only been brought to my attention now. I think I'd make a damned good resource manager someplace.
I think I'm ready to be back to work myself, but won't be happenin until after Hunter turns one. Am wondering what I'm gonna do with myself then.

So, we're in full swing of planning now. Chance and I are officially moving back to Ohio. Chance will be leaving before us, and I'll bring the kids down after Hunter's first birthday. I'd like to make annual trips with the kids back to BC, but we have yet to get that far in our planning.

Yesterday went to the dollar store and bought some garage sale paraphenalia, and I actually forgot a few items on the counter...LOL Chance went back today and got them for me, thankfully they had had them set aside in a bag with a note on it. :o) how silly o me.

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Anonymous said...

You are moving back to OHIO???? WOW!
When are you planning to move?
I'm glad we are coming to spend a couple days now as I don't think we'll make it down to Ohio anytime soon. :(
Good luck with all the plans.

Kristy :)

Anonymous said...

I'd hope it goes without saying, but just in case it doesn't: I don't think you should move to Ohio.