Sunday, March 25, 2007

So, Friday night I decided to bake another cake cause I thought the one I had was too small. So, at around 9pm I started making another one. Finished it, mixed the icing colours, and got moving. Cut the cake, iced it, and went to bed cause by that time it was after 1am.
I'm a little peeved at the amount of help I recieved this year. Maybe it's just hormones cause ToM but it was severely lacking this year.
Hunter wouldn't go to sleep for me after that so it was well after 2am before I got to sleep (I'm guessing closer to 3, but I can't be sure cause I have no clock in my room). Woke up and rolled outta bed at 7:30 and started getting things ready again.
Had a horrible epiphany the evening before. We were planning on bringing pizza, ($5 each at Little Ceasars) when Chance casually mentions that they don't open until noon. Damnit. We were too far out into the Mission to be able to make a quick run and get back before the kids got out of the tour, so that was now out of the question.
So, I kicked Chance up to the store to pick up sandwhich makings cause that was all I could think of making on such short notice. He came back with sub buns, sandwhich meat, cheese, and lettuce. So...I made them all into sandwhiches, and got them packed up and ready to go. By then we had the cooler, packed up the sanwhiches, fruit bowls (Wish I had gotten a picture of that), veggie platter, and cake all ready to go with the gifts, and all other little incidentals. Gave everyone clear directions and off we went. Had to make a quick stop to grab drinks as we hadn't had any yet, and went on our way.
Arrived and unloaded everything, then made sure they knew we were there, and waited to make sure everyone was there before we headed inside.
It was tropically warm (moist and warm) inside, and they took our jackets and sweaters for us.
The guy introduced himself as Doug Illman, and began his presentation (which included a LOT of name dropping) and then quickly moved to hopping into the pens with the crocs. They were wonderful.
My favorite part was when he made the crocs smile by scratching them right on top of their heads and asking "Who's your daddy".
They had some wonderful exhibits. They also had a cat pen at the back where two wildcats were. Cloepatra (African Cheetah) and Carlos (African Cougar).
Overall it was a wonderful experience.
They had a twill canopy outside with three walls up, so we had wind blackage and shelter.
The picnic table was kinda wonky, but good enough. Not as many as I would've liked showed up, but that was good cause we only pain 102 dollars for everyone! As opposed to the 250 I budgeted for. Will and Kristy were even kind enough to pay me for theirs.
After we got everything loaded back up and headed for home, we got here and D went down for a nap, then Hunter and I went down for a nap. That was before 3pm. We woke up at 6pm for dinnertime. Dinner was yummy, and we all sat down to watch Flushed Away (D's gift from nana).
Afterwards we all kicked back while D played with his new toys.
Harry eventually made an appearance.
I let D stay up extra late cause it was a special day and we had company.
Overall it wasn't horrible, but rather enjoyable I'd say.
Pictures posted at flickr.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time...sure is nice to nap after a day of fun, eh?