Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's a beautiful day out today.
I took the boys outside for a while this morning.
Put Hunter in the stroller, got D dressed.
We played in the yard (digged for bugs) and put some yarn in our trees (so birds can collect for nests). We played out front, then I needed a potty break. Came back in for a quick minute, and spied the bubbles!
I forgot just how much fun bubbles are. I was pretty light-headed when we stopped though.
poor Hunterwas tired and grumpy. And big brother fell and got a scrape cause he was madly chasing down all the bubbles to pop them, which was making little brother giggle like a wild-man. Which in turn made me giggle wildly.
We came in, and I fed Hunter. Then Darius and I made a cake (which is still in the oven) together, and for a fun twist we put frozen peaches on the bottom of it, so it should be yummy when it's done.
Then I let Darius play in the sink while I made some soup for Nana (who's not feeling well).
I took Darius to the Doctor's yesterday fter Chance said there was blood in his stool as well. *sighs*
in any event, we have to get stool samples and give them to the lab. Then we have to wait one week to figure out what he's got, and get back to the Doctor's for the results and disagnosis. Oh boy.
Until then, it's rice milk (I'm happy I found it at Shoppers Drug Mart for only 1.99 each name brand, 25 cents less than extra's No Name) and no fast food, and loads of veggies.
I found an interesting article in this month's Parenting magazine about teaching your children about money and the like. 83% of parents who took their online poll, don't give their kids an allowance. I'm glad Darius doesn't have a lot of the common misconceptions that they've listed in this article, but there is also a lot lacking that I could stand to work on.
Reading this magazine and other like it also make me realize just how smart I've raised both my sons to be.
Hunter was looking for a toy the other day, and though it's usual for his age, it's supposed to take a lot of practise before they realize their toy is hiding under the blanket you put on it. mom did this, and he automatically pulled the blanket away so he could find his toy.
Darius has understood what money is for for a long time, and even in the past 6 months has been able to budget his own money when he has it at the store. he understand what needs to happen when he doesn't have enough for something, that something either needs to be put back to afford it, or that he just can't get it.Since we've never had a creadit card during his coherent years, he doesn't look to our plastic as a magic money card. I honestly don't know what he thinks of my bank card. But he does know that when I tell him we don't have enough money, he shouldn't ask again.
Room for thought in any event.

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