Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm SO Steamed

Had a busy day today. Took the kids to baby group and then to the library and the dollar store and then the post office, and then to visit daddy at work.
Baby group was pretty busy, and Darius had a great time bouncing around with one of the other kids. I think I may need to do up an invitation for him.
Afterwards we went to the Dollar Store, and then the library (where it just happened to be coming up on Story Time!) and after we picked out a few books, he sat down with the rest of the kids, and I went to check out what we had selected. I was unimpressed when she couldn't find us in the system. After telling them our names and numbers twice, she told me I'd need to sign him up for another card. Great, so I pulled him from Storytime, went to my car and pulled out some ID and went back inside. After looking at my address, she left and came back and said he can't get one unless I pay the 75 dollar fee. By this time there was a large lineup behind me, and everyone heard this. I was so mad...when Chance had taken Darius in before to sign him up originally, they didn't charge him anything at all. So, I lost my temper a bit and said that it was outrageous to charge a four year old 75 dollars for a library card, and said I was curious how my husband got one for him for free, and told them I'd rather buy the books instead. I took the kids and left. I was so mad, and offended.
So, after mailing off a few birthday invites, and a letter for a friend, I went over to Chance's work for a visit. I explained to him what had happened and told him how embaressed and angry I had been. I mean, in front of a line up of, like, 6 ppl, she sneered, "is this on reserve land?" before disappearing and coming back with the news of the charge. That's like telling someone in the grocery store who's got over 100 bux worth of stuff on the conveyor and telling them in front of a huge lineup that their credit card has been denied. ANYone would be embaressed or belittled.
Afterwards, we went to the park and played with Darius' cap guns (which I don't really approve of, but I can't choose what ppl give him as gifts, and I enjoy playing with them myself) where Hunter enjoyed his first rides on the swings, teeter-totter, and the slide. Then we came home...and Hunter is tired again.
Tommorow we're going for lunch down at the Wellness Center instead of dinner. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear what happened. And I agree...she didn't have to be so rude and condescending about it. She should feel embarrassed and ashamed, not you - you keep your chin up and that beautiful smile on your face and let them keep their books...but I wouldn't let her keep you from taking your sons and enjoying the storytime and such...unless they charge a cover to get in...