Thursday, July 21, 2011

They Do Help

I'm onto season 4 of Prison Break.
I've fallen through the cracks in the Mental Health Care System. Backlisted, waitlisted, and not taken seriously.
I spoke with the Dr yesterday who originally saw me when I came into town. He upped my med dosage to the max. He offered to help me find a good therapist, but they would all be sliding fee. He offered to help me fill out my EI forms. He also made it his priority to ensure I get an income and not go to work right now.
Good Dr.
I'm passing the time chatting up a storm online. Makes for a good laugh every now and then.
I'm drinking like a fish, but havin fun the safe way.
I've not touched any drugs, which is a miracle in itself. Loong time ago I was an addict, and I know now if I touch it once I'll get hooked again.
I'm here. Still. I'm alive.

1 thoughtful remarks:

MIL said...

How can you contribute on a sliding scale fee if you have no income? Doesn't make sense. However, am glad to hear someone is listening and doing for for the drinking sweetie, medication and alcohol are not a good mix...just want you to be safe...