Thursday, February 25, 2010

Writing Letters

Well, H and D are both home from school sick. Arrgh, home from school this week. Makes for a very interesting home environment.
Mr is sick, my mom is sick...I've got a bit of sniffles, but nothing major that's putting me out.
I need to do some spring cleaning before I leave, and I figure today is a good day for it as we need to kick the sick germs outta here.
Had a Parent Teacher Interview today, as next week is D's last week, and then spring break hits. After all the fuss and hubub of trying to get the stupid fucking school on board, they still have yet to offer any suggestions.
When I leave, I'm writing a letter to both the superintendent, the Principal of the Native Advocates, and the Principal of the school to tell them all just how disappointed I am in the school itself, in the teachers and administration. They were unhelpful, and offered no suggestions what-so-ever to help my child succeed in their class.
I want to see my child succeed, obviously, and may just resolve to home school it if the new school is as useless as this one was.
Said my goodbyes to those folks I enjoy in the community, and am now focusing on what I can get done around here before I take off.
So much to do...

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Anonymous said...

get em girl.
Hope it works better at the next place.