Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things to look foreward to

Well, it's sunk in. I feel amazingly lucky.
I find it ironic that I'm in the same feild of work that both my Mr & MIL are/would be in. I never saw that one coming at all. While I'm going to consider this new job both a challenge, and a valuable learning experience, I'm a bit intimidated knowing I'm going to have so much responsibility on my shoulders.
With that sort of professionalism, I'm wondering just what sorts of HNT's I'll be able to post, and how that could possibly affect my job, if at all. I'm hoping that I keep strong boundaries, and that none of my clients will find this little blog.
In that respect, I'm really looking foreward to having my own place to do my more creative HNT's. I've missed my phototherapy, as I've found it much more difficult to get into the mood to really show what I can do creatively, with such close quarters. I'm also hoping to drag Mr into it with me a lot more, as I've really enjoyed the shots he's both done with me, and for me.
Spending this weekend dropping items that we have already packed at the new house, then chilling out @ Gramma's. I feel nearly overwhelmed with the amount of things that I need to do to complete all of the daily/weekly tasks as well as considering moving.
I'm confident that I will be able to keep my head above the water, as I just happen to be a bit tired right now.
Thanks so much for all of your support, it brought a smile to my face while I was awaiting the call back. I'm elated with all of the things happening with our family right now.
When we first discussed moving, we couldn't help but see all that has been happening as a door that has been opened for us, and I'm really starting to hope.
I just can't wait to wake up tomorrow, and that's really saying something.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

thats awesome. I'm tickled for you. I hope it goes even better than you expect!!

Good luck!

Jodi said...

Hmm? If you are nervous, why don't you start a private blog with your HNTs? Notify the regular people who comment on it? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

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