Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wohoo! I figured out how to post a picture! (All this time I've been having Pokie do it for me...)
Anyways...this is Darius' birthday cake! Mom and Chance were tremendous helpers for me cause I was pretty tired come time to get it finished up. After all the days activities, I was feeling a touch overwhelmed at having to cut and decorate it by meself, so they both jumped in to lend a hand. Chance made a stencil and helped with the icing colouring, and mom cut it out for me. I iced it myself, and the leftovers should be used today by D. He'll be decorating some of the leftover pieces to bring along in case there isn't enough.
unfortunately, we're only expecting 6 ppl to come to his party, but that's ok, cause it means we're spending less money than I had originally budgeted for! Yay!
D Question of the week...
"What's an exclamation point for mommy?"
How do you answer that without giving an overly-lengthy answer??

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