Monday, March 13, 2006


Well, a Monday...blah.
Am cruising the flyers, and there are currently a whole lot of deals right now...a good travel system in Wal Mart on sale for 200. *sighs* I've forgotten how expensive this stuff can really be. It even has the handle I want. Blahon sales and blah on flyers.
Anywho, was a busy weekend...and am now glad that it's over and done with.
I hate having everyone home...D doesn't behave in the least when everyone is home. I like it when it's just him and I during the week cause it's so quiet. Everyone talks at once, makes my ears ring, and my head hurt...It makes everything feel so surreal.
Well, there's no preschool this week or next week for spring, I'm trying to plan some activities for us to do.
We're going to visit the Recycling Plant in Kelowna...get a tour of their facility. We're also going to go to the library for Storytime, and the Eco Center in Mission Creek Park for crafts and storytime as well.
I hate having everyone home...all they do is interfere.
I slept comfortably lastnight...Chance finally took the futon frame out from our bed, and our mattresses are now on the floor. I found I could breathe a little better lastnight, but I'm still raspy sounding this morning. Blah.
Get out of my all I'm thinkin today

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