Monday, March 06, 2006

I Need A Social Life

Well now...
Mailed out Ronnie's package today, only almost a month late...hehehe, better late than never!
Took D to the dentist, and found he had a small cavity in one of his back teeth that they want to fill, just to stop it before another cap is needed. We've also been instructed to aim at his gumline whilst brushing because of some plaque buildup. No biggie. :o)
Took D to the park and played a bit, went to Subway for lunch.
I hafta admit, am getting rather tired of Chance's frequent suggestion to always get something to eat while we're out doing errands, and have yet to find a way to thwart him.
We also got D off to the Dr.'s, who sent Chance home with instruction to do a blood test for Celiac disease. That test will come Wednesday morning because he's not allowed to eat for 10 hrs prior to.
Tommorow Chance has his interview with the Boyand Girls Club again, shall keep my fingers crossed.
Had trouble sleeping lastnight...kept waking up. Kimmie was thumping...dunno why. mom says she couldn't sleep either, but related Kimmie's thumping to D's getting rowdy during the day. Ya, I can relate a soon to be 50 year old, to a soon to be 4 year old as behaviourally the same.'s not like I can completely tap my son out...there's only so much "shushing", and reprimanding for noise levels I can get away with before it become abuse...
'Sides, we're headed to councilling. Didn't realize it was such a huge issue for someone who spends 12 hours in bed per day.
Oh, jee, that must be the sarcastic, protective, bitch in me coming out.
This is yet another spot where I get to vent myself out...seeing as I only have one friend who's actually willing to listen to me, and has some sort of an idea without being completely biased, of what I'm going through at this point in time...I'm going to take advantage.
I miss those people, I have known very very few of them, who were willing to listen to me, and just not offer feedback unless I asked for it. Honestly, I know y'all love me when I need someone to go to, but sometimes I just don't want hear what thoughts are bouncing around when I say something. Sometimes I don't wanna know your opinions. Sometimes I can be calmed, and be relieved of my daily pressures by just having someone who'll listen, and say..."hmm, that wasn't so bad, Anyways, what else?"
Did I ever mention I hate having both of my boys at home? It seriously causes so much conflict, and tension. I can feel my stress levels raise.
Every little nuance and habit that my husband has drives me nuts, from asking me to come look at things on the internet, to watching movies that I'm not interested in, to playing games all day long.
God help me...I'm just feeling a little bit like I've got cabin fever.
Get me the fuck out of here.

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Anonymous said...

Amber:"getting rather tired of Chance's frequent suggestion to always get something to eat while we're out doing errands, and have yet to find a way to thwart him."

Ama: How 'bout "we don't have the money for that." or making sure you eat before going out.

sounds like you're handing in there.