Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Take A Deep Breath

Well, now that we have that done and over with.
Went and got D's blood tests done this morning. Lil guy wasn't allowed to eat for 10 hours, so we wanted to do it first thing. Also saved it for a day where we didn't have preschool so we were rushed, and so he didn't take attention away from whomevers' day it was for show and tell.
Anywho...he did a very good job. He whined a bit after I told him what we needed to do, said he didn't want to get a needle, or a test, and that he was hungry. After a bit of fuss got him dressed and out the door...but after we got there, and went in the office, I realized that I forgot his Care Card at home, so had to turn around and come back home...*sighs* Silly mom.
Anyhow, we got his care card after a quick trip home, and went back to the lab. Went inside, where we played together, giggled, told jokes, and took a look at their toy selection. When his name was called, we went into the lil cubby (had those portable wall thingies, just like offices) and hopped onto the chair. Sat him on my lap, and pulled his one arm out of his sleeve, and then set it up on the little thingy they put accross our lap. Then the nice Dr. (or whatever he was) and the nurse came over and got him ready while I distracted him with looking at a picture. He watched the needle go in though, couldn't help tht, and all he said was "Ow!" "I don't like that".
They took two vials of blood for the test, and he watched them both come out while I attempted to explain that that was the blood that went through those blue veins we've been looking at at home. Well, we got the two vials, took a deep breath and pulled out the needle. All over and done with, the nurse gave him two stickers cause she said he was too cute...and that she just wanted to hug him tight. Hehehe...charming even when he's afraid of something.
When we arrived home, he walked in the door and immediately told the guys "I got a boo-boo and a cool band-aid!" Hehehe...kid mentality. He was impressed that he got a nifty Snoopy Band-aid. We took off his sweatshirt to s how daddy and Kimmie, and then started in on his bowl of cereal that he had requested for breakfast.
So, he's now back to his normal self...except, every once and a while he sniffles and whines about his boo-boo. Milking it for all it's worth...doesn't remind me of anyone...

Went to my La Leche League meeting lastnight, and was nice to be in an environment with that commonality between us all. There were two women expecting twins, and one really tall woman who's due within the next 4 weeks who barely had a bump in her tummy at all. She said it was cause she's big...LOL Was nice, only one hour, and I brought Kayla along with me.
Went to Lori's house before we headed to the meeting through, and had a nice visit with her. Got to describing the dynamics of breastfeeding, and some of the benefits. Ahh...female bonding.

When D woke up from his nap yesterday...was too cute. He had what I like to call, a Dad Episode. he must've rolled onto his arm or something, cause he came out of his room swinging his arm, and held it out to me in a slight panic because he said it felt funny. Whining and crying, it occured to me that he must've put his arm to sleep...hehehe. He didn't know what the pins and needles were, and it worried him. So, I had to massage his arm, and have him flex his hand to get the blood pumping (once again touching on how his veins work and how blood moves through his body). After the feeling came back he had calmed down enough to ask about the imprints of his shirt, or whatever, on his arm. :oD Too cute.

So we're planning on going to the funeral for Chad on Friday...we've got our first family councilling session then as well. What a busy week, we've had something to do everyday this week.
Wonder what miniscule chore I can have Chance do today....hmm...

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a very busy week...what a great way to take the mystery and anxiety out of a blood test ~ sounds like Dari did good (especially the part about getting sympathy...hehe)

Anonymous said...

that's good he did so well with the test =D