Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm a little peeved today. I'm annoyed...I can't stand having both of my guys home at the same time, period.Chance has been generally pissy today, and D hasn't really been all that bad. ;oD
I'm a little saddened to know that my poor husband is feeling below the weather...enough to call me a baby and think nothing of it. If there were something I could do, besides keep my peace and not tell him to go jerk it in a corner, I'm at a loss what it is.
So, here I am, playing his games, and keeping my silence...even though I whooped on him bowling tonight. That's right, I got three strikes in a row...Turkey! Why couldn't I have done that in Van when I went with Pokie?
In any event...I did some baking today, 3 different kinds of muffins, and a loaf of banana bread. Bought a nice new outfit from Zellers. I don't remember having this much clothing when I was pregnant with D. I guess I was just cheering myself up.
So, after bowling, now my hip is sore again...after it had finally gone back to normal. *sighs*
Can't win em all.
D has a dentist and doctor's appointment on Monday...though we may just end up taking him in tommorow because his toe is looking like it's a little infected. He had a habit of picking at the corner of his toenail, and occasionally ripping it off. Apparently, he ripped it off, and now it's making the area puffy and purple. So, who knows.
Tuesday Chance has a job interview, and that means I've had to cancel/reschedual our councilling session, and later on that evening, there's my first La Leche League meeting. ;oD I missed those.
I think there's a bowl of grapes with my name on it...mebbe I can toss in a peach, a plum, and a couple of strawberries...

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