Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Counting Down

Eeew. Darius has learned to spit fomr somewhere. It's all I can do to get him to keep his mouth shut...cause everytime it opens he's got a string of drool hangin down. Yuck. I'm not even going to mention how many times I've been licked today. I hate being licked.
It's amazing that he tries to get away with as much as possible when I'm not in that room with him. I can hear him bouncing around on his bed right now. He's pulled his curtain down, and he's been stuffing his stuffed animals between the windows. He's pushed the screen out a few times, and now with his new habit, I'm gonna hafta wash his window cause it is now covered in spit.
We skipped over terrible twos, the three's were okay, I'm afraid of what the fours are gonna bring with them.
We did some crafts this morning, and played circus, and ran around like heathens because Kimmie didn't come home until it was his nap time. Nice change. :o)
I'll be taking him for a walk later. Hopefully for a small picnic (one of our most recent favorite things to do) at a small park, or maybe at the bus stop. Ya never know. Mebbe we'll get adventurous and take the bus to MTF or something.
He's getting used to walking. When we first started walking, he assumed it was so he oculd play. He's concentrating on walking to a destination now, and that means less dawdling. yay!
We went on an evening walk lastnight, just before bedtime. I took him up to the Petro-Canada gas station...we took a flashlight of course. It was decent out. not too horribly cold or anything, but once we got out from the shelter of the houses and such it was a touch windy. Dad picked us up right before the gas station, which upset D cause he wanted to walk all the way there...but I let him ride in my lap in the backseat the 100 feet to the gas station. He went in, chose about 7 nickel candies, paid for them, and got back into the car happily. We came home, he got ready for bed, and said goodnight to everyone.
By that time Idol was on, so I checked out, and checked into my show. :oD
On our evening storll we got to watch an Ambulance go by with his sirens turned on. We also seen a Police SUV and a police car. They didn't have their lights on though. We also saw a bunch of semi-trucks go by with lots of lights on them.
All very exciting.
Well, the parents have been calling every day now since my first posting complaining that no one had called. We've had 3 cancellations so far, too bad. Still waiting on what everyone I'm glad we'll be able to make this year a big year.
3 days left...

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