Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What a long day.
Went down south for the day, visited Grandpa Klusty, Acette and the kids, and Jill and her little girl.
got some pictures.
Oh my god, we left super early, and got next to no sleep...I ROCK! I still got it, I can still function on 3 hours of sleep for an entire day.
Wonder how long that'll last.
Went and visited Mike the other day, and spent 3 hours with him before returning him back to the was a beautiful day out and we went for a picnic in the park with the kids, and managed to have the entire park to ourselves.
I need to order some pictures from Shutterfly before I send out this month's letters. Hmm.
We get the key to our new place on Friday...and start moving in this weekend.
I'm starting to clean this house, little by little. Cupboard fronts, and walls are first, then the light fixtures and ceiling fans, finishing with the windows and floors. hopefully we'll do ok clean-wise and qualify for the whole damage deposit.
I'm so excited to be moving into town, and it's finally starting to sink in.
I've been a member at for a while now (to support Eric, originally) and have been challenged to my first battle (Not that it really matters to anyone), and am feeling the love o fhte 160 + friends I have and am winning by a landslide. I'm so happy that all the time and effort I've put into that stupid site is paying off, and I feel special.
Need more boxes to pack pack pack.
Chance wants to go to his favorite Chinese Buffet for dinner Friday night...yay. I dunno what I'm gonna get him, but I think I have a few things in mind.
Busy busy busy

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win! Good effort does pay off - sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but always in the end! :)