Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Now that I've got that out of my system.
I spent today making much-needed phone calls to the local support circuits in the area.
Job & Family Services (to get our food stamps relocated), Women Infants Children (WIC- for extra nutritional support for Hunter), Help Me Grow (starts in 5-7 days with a home visit for assessment), Viola Startzman free Clinic (Someplace I can go for a Dr. visit!).
I still gotta get in touch with our phone company because they didn't give us a phone book or even an introduction packet cause though i set up our voicemail, I have no idea how to get into it, so it's not doing us much good.
I got a cell phone last week, finally. A simple pay-as-you-go so I can get in touch with people if I need to in a hurry.
I've been using it to text back and forth with mom, to at least keep SOME contact through the last bit where I've been shut off from the world.
I did the laundry yesterday...9 loads at the laundry mat totaling 40 dollars. ouch.
Chance has contracted VIRAL PHARYNGITIS, and LARYNGITIS. I'm glad to know that it's not anything overly serious, but am a bit disturbed to know that he's contagious.
Sanitizing here I come!
I'm farking tired.
Today was Hunter's second Birthday, and we honestly didn't do ANYthing for him. Rhonda brought over a couple of balloons for him, and Chance got a thing of ice cream to go with Rhonda's cupcakes, but I didn't make a cake or nothing. Too much going on. I'm just grateful kids don't usually remember their 2nd birthday, cause it could scar him for life if he could. LOL
Darius did wake him up this morning by crawling into bed and singing Happy birthday to him, which was the sweetest thing ever.
Weather weather weather. We've had storm after storm here, and though they really freak Darius out...I almost feel safer in town just because I'm closer to civilization I guess. It's a false sense of security, I know.
Too much to think about for blogging, I'm backlogged.

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