Friday, June 13, 2008

Super Long Survey

The longest survey you'll ever fill out!
Do the world a favor: fill it out and post it for all your friends.... Do this because the person who did this didn't sit here for ages for nothing. Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.

Single or Taken: Taken
Siblings: zip
Eye color: Brown
Shoe size: 7.5
Height: 5'2 1/2"
What are you wearing right now?: black shirt, grey jogging pants rolled up
Righty or lefty: righty
Can you make a dollar in change right now: no


Kind of trousers: anything in capri style
Number: I don't have one
Animal: black panther
Drink (alcoholic): Porn Star
(non-alcoholic): Pepsi
Sport: gymnastics (Olympic variety on TV only)
Month: October
Juice: Cranberry
Cartoon Character: Garfield I suppose, since I have to choose


Given anyone a bath: yes
Bungee Jumped? No, but I'd love to try it someday
Made yourself throw-up? yup, when I ate something totally gross one day and realized it had gone bad
Gone skinny dipping? nope
Eaten a dog? Not as far as I know...
Loved someone so much it made you cry? I didn't cry because I loved them, but I guess so
Broken a bone? no
Been on a plane? yes
Came close to dying? once
Been in a sauna? yeah, can't understand how people enjoy them, personally
Been in a hotub? Yes
Swam in the ocean? Pacific & Atlantic. It'd be cool to say all
Fallen asleep at school: plenty of times
Ran away? no
Broken someone's heart? yep, not too proud of it
Cried when someone died? yes
Cried in school? yes
Fell off your chair? yes, but I can't remember when it last happened
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call? yes
Saved IM conversations? yes
Saved e-mails? yes, I have emails in my inbox from 2002 (yes, I've had my email address that long)
Used someone? yep
Been cheated on? yes


Your good luck charm? Don't have one
What is beside you? a roll of toilet paper (ran outta kleenex, damned allergies), and the remote for the DVD player (gotta keep the kida occupied while I do this)
Last thing you ate? Cream of Wheat and Peanut Butter Toast
What kind of shampoo/conditioner? Aussie Cleanse & Mend Shampoo


Chicken pox: yes
Stitches: yes 20+ in one arm
Broken nose:


Believe in love at first sight? no
Believe in Long distant relationships? I suppose so
Like school?Depends on what I'm taking


Who was the last person that called you? Stupid Collectors
Who was the last person you danced with? Hunter
Who makes you smile the most? Darius
Who knows you the best? I dunno, no one really knows ALL of me


Do you like filling these out? sometimes
Do you have glasses or contact lenses? Glasses, but during the off allergy months I wish I could have contacts
Do you like yourself?
I need new ones
Do you get along with your family? Yep


Obsessive Compulsive?
Sort of...I count things .Steps to someplace, stairs, that sort of thing.
Oh, and I'm totally for having a clean nasal passageway...blow your nose, no one wants to hear you whistle through it!


What did you do yesterday?
Cleaned the house a bit, then spent the evening chasing and corralling the kids while Chance's visited with his dad
Gotten any awards? A couple of times in school...I deserve something big now though...*sigh*
What car/truck do you wish to have?
A Mini-van with heated seats, adjustable pedals, heat/A/C vents in the backseat, and extra power outlets as well, and two sliding doors would be excellent...and 7passenger. I guess that's kinda specific, only I don't know what brand makes it.
Where do you want to get married? Someplace with lots of leafy trees in the fall, in the evening...or on a beach
Good driver? I frequently brag that I've yet to receive a ticket or get into an accident where I need to exchange information.
Have a lava lamp? no, but I've had one
How many remote controls are in your house? 6, but I use 3 (DVD, Sat./Vol.)
What was you last dream about? Dunno what lastnight's was a bout, but I had a nap the other day and dreamt I was dating Philip Seymor Hoffman. How silly is that?!
When you last showered? yesterday afternoon
Scary or Funny Movies? Scary
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
Skiing or Boarding? Skiing
Summer or winter? Summer I spose
Sprite or 7up? 7up
Coffee or sweet tea? coffee
Phone or in person? depends on what it's for. I don't confrontation so well, and prefer to keep that on the phone.



Talk to someone you liked? I like my husband sometimes, does that count?
Buy something? A birthday card, a pepsi
Get sick? no
Talked to an ex? I don't think that's entirely appropiate, so no
Miss someone? yep


Slept in your bed? Hunter, Chance, Myself
Made you cry? Chance
Went to the movies with? Chance, Darius - New Indiana Jones
You said "I Love You" to? Darius, Hunter
Ever been in a fight with your pet? yes
Been to Mexico? no
Been to Canada? stupid question
Been to Europe? no, but I want to someday


Do you have a crush on someone right now? no
What book are you reading now? Nothing right now
Best feeling in the world? jumping on a trampoline
Future KIDS names? Something girly
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Does Hunter count?
What's under your bed? Dust Bunnies
Favorite sports to watch? Gymnastics
Favorite Locations? Wherever my mom, grandma, or Pokie/Steven are
Piercing/Tattoos? a dragon at the base of my neck, had my nose, belly button, and two holes in ears that are healed over, and one set that's functional (on my ears that is)
What are you most scared of right now? Losing my family, scarring my kids for life
Are you lonely right now? yes
Song that's stuck in your head right now? Beethoven song that Darius keeps whistling
Have you ever played strip poker? yes, but I usually don't lose
Have you ever been beaten up? Yes
Have you ever been on radio/TV? yes, to both
Ever liked someone, but thought they never noticed you? yes, but I'm married, so it's a good thing



what color is your underwear right now?beige
The first things you notice about the SAME sex? Their breasts, or ass. I wish I had the body of my formative 16 year-old self.
Your Favorite Food? Potatoes
Ever get so drunk you don't remember the night before? yes
Hair color? Dark Brown, with auburn highlights
Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn? Lotsa lotsa
Dogs or cats? Dogs
Favorite Flower? Orange tiger Lillies are pretty
Have you ever fired a gun? yes, and I'm not too bad a shot with it either
Do you like to travel by plane as opposed to car? no, I prefer driving
How many pillows do you sleep with? There are five on the bed, and I use 4 of them
Who are you missing right now?
my mummy and my grandma :o(

Sheesh, that's a heckuva lot of questions, that took forever.

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