Thursday, February 14, 2008


How do parents do this?
I'm sick as a dog now, I must've picked it up when I went to the Dr.'s with Darius on Monday. I can't keep anything in my stomach, and I don't have anyone to call. If I had a regular babysitter, I'd call them and sleep it off, but I don't. Chance's store is opening today and they'll most likely be swamped, so I can't call him home if I feel like I'm dying, Rhonda's sick too.
My cable's out as well, figures, I get sick and plan on doing nothing but watching movies all day and the dumb thing doesn't want to work.
Why is it that when you don't feel good you feel extra sorry for yourself?

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could come help, but I don't want to get the boys sick - that's all you'd need! Hang in there...