Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I feel like shit...don't bring food anyplace near me, I may vomit on you if I smell it.
I went to my interview with the Library ppl today (for my Volunteer application with them) and it's looking like they'll really enjoy having me.
I was discussing it with Chance afterwards and had to mention that it's funny when I go into an interview I tell them (and it's even listed on my resume) that one of my strongest points is that I'm a born leader, and that one of my major weaknesses is that I'm a very passionate person who has a tendency to be a little emotional. I don't really think about it otherwise, in any other situation but work applications and the like. I don't usually refer to myself in everyday life as a leader, I just plod along.
I didn't end up going to the Gay Marriage discussion last night, they canceled because of the weather. That phenomena occurs quite frequently here, and I have to wonder how the fuck anything gets done because the schools close down every time it snows, and businesses close at the drop of a dime. How do they function at such a high stress level? I mean people don't stop talking about the weather, and they frequently miss work because of it. The person who did my interview today even called me this morning to ask if we could reschedule because of the road conditions. I swear, I'm amazed anything gets done in the winter-time here.
Tomorrows is Valentine's Day. Blech. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere's.

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