Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well my hands on some ibuprofen lastnight, and I feel much better today.
Got the kids to sleep round 9:30 lastnight, which was good...but they both got up at the crack of dawn this mornin. *sigh*
Anyhow, today's high is sposed to be 23, which is pretty darned decent (didn't hardly sweat at all while I was out yesterday in the sun) and even a bit chilly sometimes.
So today's high is sposed to be the same again, nd I was planning on going thrift shopping with the boys. Yes, I like exploring, but I kinda need an excuse to go wandering with two kids.
I looked up a few stores and am confident I know how to get there, so we'll see how it goes.
Gave the boys a bath this morning, and still hafta shower myself. Lastnight I shaved after the boys went to sleep, and did all my wonderful bathroom stuff. Conked out around 11:30.
I like these days of things to do without rushing. :o)
Kathie popped by lastnight and was kind enough to lend me her spare keys for Pokie's place so I don't hafta be back by and certain time. She's looking well, and I spose I'm imposing on their sister time, but they were kind enough to go for their walk while I was putting the boys to sleep, so hopefully they had enough time together.
Anyhow, go get moving, right?

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