Sunday, July 29, 2007

Over With

So, we hit the road yesterday morning at about 9:30 and didn't arrive in D'arcy until 2:30. There was tons of construction for the Olympics, and traffic was all congested.
So, after spending the morning in the car, we got there and unloaded. Daddy was nice and ran Darius all over the place, letting essentially be a kid. He got dirty, and a scrape or two, but he had fun. They went exploring on the old property and ran around the Hall we were at.
We enjoyed visiting with strangers, and people we hadn't seen in a long time, and I enjoyed helping them get the food ready.
I sliced the veggies mom and Gramma had brought with them, and helped get all the platters out and serving utensils and such.
Was fun, had really good food, and had an over-all very very pleasant time.
We had a semi-long drive back, but it was ok. After the boys went to sleep all was good.
We didn't go to sleep until after midnight (I think it was actually after 1, but who's counting) and once again the boys woke us up early. Who needs an alarm clock with kids?
Anyhow, it's been very nice so far, but am slightly doubting the wisdom of staying here for an entire week. Low funds, and lack of proper child stuff (I didn't bring many toys or such) has me thinking twice. We'll see.
After a super hot drive down here, it's been very nice these last two days, with pleasantly cool weather that isn't stifling.
I like how apartments never seem to run out of hot water.

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Nietha said...

Haha I was gonna say that's the nice thing about apartments - there's always hot water.