Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Been brainstorming (no pun intended with the weather) today and lastnight trying to figure out what to do with Gramma and us.
I figure we'll do a test pack this weekend on my car to see just what we can cram in there. I also figure that I'm going to fold the tents down flat (instead of rolling them to save room ( though i don't know if it'll work) and mebbe figure out exactly what I'll need as far as clothes, baby stuff, and mebbe a cooler if it'll fit.
As far as getting gramma there...well, we can send her to Bill's, who'll make a daytrip without Lorraine if we choose that option, or we can see if she can bunk with someone else and catch a ride from Kamloops. Or, we can pack her on a bus from Kamloops out as far as we can get her and basically do a drive over to pick her up, kind of thing. Thos are the options I've worked out so far. The best I can do undfortunately, considering my sizeably smaller vehicle this year. though I am grateful I have a road-worthy car that's in decent shape for the kids and I. ;o)
It's been raining on and off the whole day, and am just getting round to thinking about taking D out to splash in the puddles. Chance said he saw a lightning strike on the backside of Mt. Boo yesterday on his way home from work, so I'm a tad leery of taking them out with the thunder and lightning we've been having all day. I'd love to see what Hunter would do in one, but alas, they don't make rainboots that small and I'd need a camera.
Hunter is doing so well, taking about 7 steps now on his own and continually getting up and standing on his own. We've been making him practise walking from person to person a lot.
He also, for some reason, started falling straight backwards the other night in bed. Totally caught me off-gaurd and I've never laughed at him so hard. He just free-falls straight back, and giggles like a wildman when he lands. It's adorable.
I'm trying to see if i can figure out a way for the Kids and I to get down to the coast right after the reunion cause I really wanted to take them to the Festival of lights Grand Finale. I was contemplating taking the bus, and it actually really appeals to me because I wouldn't drive my car in Vancouver anyways (that big city traffic there spooks me), and I like the ease of the skytrain more. Though if I did that I'd hafta consider bringing along my baby carrier (like I wouldn't) or bringing another stroller in-case D gets tired (and to carry the junk I know I'd bring to the beach). I was kinda planning this since the beginning of last month or whenever it was that I found out what the schedual for it was, so I'm hoping I can keep my plans cause it'd mean a lot to me to have D & H visit Pokie's new apartment and such since she's lived there forever (2 years+) and he has yet to see it if I remember correctly.
Anyhow, I'm rambling, and I should get on with my day.
We're going to Paul & Dino's tonight for dinner which will require me to get kimmie up at 6pm, and get us all down ther asap after that. Mom has Kimmie's van and is taking it to Wal Mart to replace two tires on it (I guess they'll do vehicle repair little bits at a time as it's easier on the wallet that way) and she'll just meet us there. I already got both of the boys down for their naps, and we just got up not too long ago from them. So, we're well rested, we just need to get dressed and such.
Today I had D help me decorate a curtain I've been meaning to hang in my room since Gramma was here for the long weekend. The point is at least I'm doing it, nevemind how long it takes, cause having two kids makes doing anything for me take forever...right?
anyhow, off to face the day.

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