Sunday, January 14, 2007

Got some good video footage lastnight. :o)
Hunter had his first taste of Rice Cereal lastnight, and he finished all that I made for him. He really seemed to like it, and enjoyed playing with his spoon today as I was trying out the second round on him.
Went to the doctors today, discovered I'm running out of T3's, and out of ibuprofen, so made a trip and got two birds with one stone. Picked up a scrip for 100 T3's, and a bottle of 72 Extra Strength Ibuprofens. 22 bux, so not as bad as I was thinking it was gonna be. Thankfully. I've discovered that I have trouble sleeping immediately after taking my pills, and have to give it an hour before I can even think of sleeping, which kinda sucks, but oh well. At least I'm living as pain free as possible right now, though it's trade off is wandering around in a drug induced haze.
Put a couple of pictures on Flickr. D is so obsessed with making "beautiful" pictures with he and Hunter, I'm a shutterbug.
We've given our notice at the house that we're moving out by the end of the month. The pipes froze over there cause we didn't leave anything running while we were staying at mom's for the beginning of the cold snap. Gotta figure out what things are imperitive and needed over here, and pack the rest off to storage again. joy.
Went grocery shopping yesterday with mom cause they started a Dollar Days at Extra. We got 67 items for 78 bux. The most expensive thing we bought was a big block of cheese for 8.88. We're quite proud of that.
For some reason the sound gave out on the tv lastnight, and still wasn't working this morning. So, mom and Kim brought their TV out and traded with the TV in the living room. Kimmie was fiddling with it in the back room and managed to fix it somehow, though we didn't even know what was wrong with it. All that trouble for nothing...*g*
Made a purple cake and icing with D this morning. Actually, made the icing on y own, and it's waiting to be on the cake, but someone needs a nap first.
hmm...I love weekends.

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