Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend News

Hunter went on a nursing strike this weekend. Refused (well, until he was absolutely starving and I was full) to eat for me, and even when he did it was broken and with loads of complaints.
I've been pumping to make sure I don't loose my milk.
He also sdid this weird head-turning thing that kinda freaked me out. Too many doctor shows and stuff.

Saturday we went thrift shopping and we took my car...was like going to Edmonton all over again, that was how much stuff we crammed in it. LOL Took me, like, 10 minutes just to wiggle it all out!
Am making costumes to see if they will sell at various places. We shall see I spose. At least it's keeping me occupied.
D is as rowdy as ever.
He gave me a scare this morning, and consequently he didn't go to school. He got out of the shower and asked me to scratch him (he had done this the night before, he said his back was all itchy but I didn't see anything then) because his tummy was itchy, and Chance said he had some spots. So, i woke up mom to have her come take a look...and she said he had them already last year. I'll be damned if I can remember that! So, anyways, instead of school he went to the doctors with Chance. And he came back with a diagnosis of bending over an object and it leaving a mark on his chest. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

Our washing machine is broken...was doing a load of laundry on Sunday and it started screeching and whining (sounds like me on a bender!) so they shut it off. I figure it must've been a belt or something, so now we gotta get that repaired at some point in time.
I need to get an oil change to my car...Edmonton and back and then some...hmm.
I gotta make a list of things for Will and Kristy...LOL I know that at some point in time they'll be back in Edmonton, and I'd like for them to visit a Dollarama for me to pick up a few things to ship my way. :o)

I forgot to add on the wishlist for Hunter a portable Jolly Jumper. Basically it's a Jolly Jumper with a stand. There are a few companies that make them, I've even seen one with a play tray attatched to it. :o)

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the "itchy" all over is dry skin...I know when the water is hard (not using a water softner), the skin can get dry as winter approaches. Baby lotion may help with that.