Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I hate Tuesdays

It's never a good thing when a four year old says oops.

Uphill battles seem to surround when things are not completely in order. Meaning in this instance, because no one has the proper amount of sleep, everything needs to go wrong.
This whole week better not be like this, cause it'll just put a huge damper on Halloween.
I need a Pepsi.

Mom's hoping it had nothing to do with the chicken i cooked lastnight, cause i personally thought it was a little pink, but ya never know with the darker leg portions that I used. Poor thing says she was up all night, which means she'll probly sleep all day. Wonder what Ican get out to do with the kids today, cause she'll need some peace and quiet to help recoup.
I should take out a soup bode, or mebbe some turkey leftovers to make a nice big pot o soup.

Chance's battery diead in his truck...oh boy.
Yesterday D spilled an entire bottle of water on his bed, and it wasn't on the sheet protector I might add. Never mind the fact that I had extra blankets underneath the sheet for added comfort.
I'm hoping the move will help D with his eating habits...cause I'm planning on making some sandwhiches, and cutting up fruits and veggies, and leaving them in the fridge at the new place. I'm sooooooo fed up with fighting him to eat his meals, so I just give up, and I'll take the best alternative that I can muster.
I need a Pepsi...mebbe we can go to the store.

Did I mention Chance is taking someone's shift today cause they have a meeting, which means he doesn't get any more days off until Sunday again?

Gramma wants me to go and visit to help her with her computer. Ralph wants to go hunting.

I still need to start packing, make the 6 remaining masks for D's class, buy the makings for floating eye's, carve my pumpkins (which can be done this weekend), go get my G/C from the health unit, make D's costume of Super Mario.

I yi yi

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