Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Needed The Cheer

Today was fun-filled.
After realizing the date, was in a mad rush to get the kids ready to go out.
Went to two different places. The first was the Mt. Boo Arena where they had another family fun day for only 1.00 per person! What a deal! We made crafts, danced, and went into their haunted house and got a treat bag. Was fun.
Then we headed out to Glenmore where we visited the World of Worms! Was kinda icky when we went on the worm squiggly for me. But they had a fantastic set up with a small corm maze, a graveyard, haunted house, pumpkin decorating centre, storytelling area, small animal viewing (LLama & chickens), and hot chocolate/coffee. Was worth the ten bucks for D and I.
I made D a Super Mario costume's cute. I dressed H in the tigger kids costume since I couldn't find the froggy one of D's. I'm disappointed I couldn't find it, but he was still real cute.

1 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous costume! You are VERY talented. Hmmm...could this be a "disguised" opportunity???