Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wish Lists

Yes yes, it's that time again. I swear these things come out earlier and earlier each year.


-a skateboard
-Bee bah stuff (morning show on PBS I believe)
-Gameboy Advance (tall order, I know...but it's compatable with the gamecube)
-Shoes in a childs size 9 (we especially need running)
-Hat and Mitts
-Movie passes
-Mettalic tape (for decoration and art purposes)

That's all I can think of for him right now


-clothing in size 12 months (stuff he can grow into hopefully)
-teething rings
-colourful rattles
-baby einstein stuff
-baby box to store memorobelia


-phone minutes for a PC pay as you go phone (can get them at Superstore, Extra Foods)
-new scissors (my old ones from the states are finally dulling up)
-Weird Al's newest
-Wal Mart gift cards (to be used to print out pictures)
-a magazine subscription for one year for any Canadian parenting magazine
-a 6 month subscription to the Kelowna Daily Courier?
-Concert Tickets (Barenaked Ladies perhaps) for a nice trip away from the kids (heck, I'd accept movie passes and a g/c for a nice restaurant)
-a cd deck for my car, or mebbe just some new speakers cause mine seem to be goin out the window.
-Finding Neverland, Spanglish, Derailed, X-Men 3, Brotherhood of the Wolf (Original French Version), Mirror Mask, I know there's another one that I want bad, but can't think of what it is offhand.
-Hot rollers
-CD RW's
-wild nail polish colours

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