Friday, September 01, 2006

Shots and Statements

So, I wrote out my statement today, and am having Chance fax it over to the RCMP's office tommorow. I talked to the Constable on the phone today and that's what he asked me to do.
Tommorow H's Birth Announcement should be coming out in the Capital News. It ran on the 25th in the Daily Courier, but for whatever reason the Cap News forgot to run it in theirs that day. :oP So it's being run both on Friday and Sundays Cap News *free*. Oooh boy, I only paid 29 dollars, they'd better run the damned thing.
H got his first set of immunizations today. I took him to the new Health Unit here on the reserve (they've got a brand spankin new building right next to Sensisysten). The RN was very nice and personable. She informed me off their programs, took his weight, height, head circumfrence and such from him. She plotted that on a chart. and gave me a booklet for H's immunization record. She also got me started on their "Breastfeeding program" that gives nursing mothers a 25 dollar gift certificate for Extra Foods each month to help with nutrition. (not as much as the states, but then again I'm not taking provincial/government funding, this is strictly reserve based) So...bonus! If I go for an entire year I get a 50 dollar gift certificate for Zellers or something. Cute idea anyways.
H was very shocked he was being hurt on purpose, and didn't like it at all at first, but once he got the idea I was trying to comfort him he latched on but good. I don't think I could've pried him off if I tried. He ended up falling asleep right afterwards, guess the shock was too much for him, and he chose to sleep it off. He spent the majority of the day sleeping off and on.
I nursed whenever he woke up, changed his bum and such, and spent lots of time cuddling him (more so than usual). When I did put him down though, it was in his car seat, and he happened to discover our ceiling fan today.
Daddy was nice and switched off tonights shift with a co-worker and spent the day with D.
I'm glad to report that he's had no adverse effects from the immunizations. He's been rather cheery with us, unless we put him down (what else is new).

I hate not having a printer.
Watched Elizabethtown tonight on the movie channels (whilst H enjoyed some skin-to-skin contact) and I do believe I'll hafta buy it.

today was otherwise uneventful...hmm...not too bad, I could definately have more days like today.

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Anonymous said...

Bask in the admiration and closeness that Hunter affords you now, because it won't be long before he's wiping the kisses off his cheek and saying "mom! quit that!" I can hardly wait to see him!