Saturday, September 16, 2006

Swing of things

Went to see 54-40 yesterday! Wow, did they ever put on a good show! My legs are sore from standing and dancing the whole time. The opening act was just ok, nothing special.
The other day I submitted some songs for the 4 o'clock 4 play at Sun FM and dedicated them to D (all from his fav movies) when I didn't get a call that day I figured they didn't want to choose mine.
Yesterday (Friday) I got a phone call from Kevin Lim (The DJ who does the 4 o'clock 4 play) asking me if I could bring D downtown where they were broadcasting from live to do the 4 o'clock 4 play on air live. I of course said yes. So, there I am at home, anxiously awaiting Chance and D's arrival (I had booted them out so I could make a pair of PJ's for D's birthday party today) cause they had gone up the hill, and I'm counting down the minutes before they finally arrive at 3:40 (with friday traffic I don't know if they'll make it) and I rush outside like a madwoman and tell Chance to get going downtown to the place where Sun FM was broadcasting live. I tell ya, He had just started announcing the 4 o'clock 4 play stuff, and Chance and D went running up (I had followed in my car, so I caught a bit of the show while I found a parking place). So we spent a half hour with Kevin and talkin on the radio live, which was kinda cool. By the end of it, he gave me two free tickets to 54-40 (I had already bought two) and I also get a 4 pack of papa burgers from A&W.
So, mom, Lori, Lynn and I went to the concert. Now, what happened next is what pissed me off, but fortunately for the scum who pissed me off, I won't bother getting into details, only because it's embaressing to me. Let's just say I don't think I've ever been that mad at someone else, besides Chance, in my life. I truly felt violent.
Made it home by 11:30, which wasn't too bad, and was pleasantly surprised to find that both D, and Hunter were peacefully asleep. That was the first time Chance was at home alone with both the boys when they were awake. :oD
Finished watching Inside Man, and fell asleep just before the last scene. Was a good movie I spose.
Fell asleep late, and kept waking up cause of neither of us got much sleep lastnight.

D has a birthday party to go to today, hope it goes well. :oD

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Anonymous said...

that sounds really awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a thrilling day. Don't know what happened that was embarrassing to you, but don't let someone else's behavior/actions dictate how you feel. As long as you stand up for yourself and set the better example, then you're doing the right thing.