Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Baby

Well, we're back to the weekend, and the training of Hunter to fall asleep both throughanything, and anywheres is taking it's toll. Poor little guy looks so tired these days, and no matter how hard I try to get him to sleep, he just doesn't want to stay that way. Whether it be gas bubbles, or just plain old "I don't wanna sleep" syndrome, he's sure missing a lot of sleep.
Anyhow, D had a dentist appointment this morning...he had to have a filling repaired cause apparently it was coming out. Poor little man.
Here's my new car, by the way. It's a 1990 Dodge Shadow with turbo boost. Not that I've used the Turbo Boost...honestly, I have my kids in the car. ;o) It's nice and functional. It has a/c, but it really doesn't work. I could get colder air from rolling down my windows, and besides, HUnter doesn't really care too much for A/C. Came with a tape deck (with removable faceplate), and am making plans to buy a Tap Adapter for a discman, and digging mine out. I'm assuming it's cheaper that way, but we shall see. I like it. It just fits both car seats in nicely, but leaves little room for much else in the backseat. The trunk requires a pole (custom made :oP) to hold it open and it's heavier than a pig in s**t. It's pretty nice I must say, and I like having the freedom to come and go as I please. No more schedualling!'s to personal freedom when one is tied down!

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Anonymous said...

yay! cute little car.

Anonymous said...

very nice car!