Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Family Fun Day

Had a wonderfully relaxing day today...after a stressful evening lastnight.
Decided we were gonna try and look at cars, but realized that we needed the addresses to the ones I circled in the newspaper. Hehe, oops. Made the phone calls, left messages and such, then brainstormed to change our plans since that one concked out.
Decided instead to head to Peachland. We hit the Parrot Island Bird Sanctuary. Was a respectable place, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I like talking to animals, especially when they can sometimes talk back.
Afterwards we went down into downtown Peachland, and let D play at what he calls the "Echo Park" (because it has this tube that comes up at either end that he can speak into and it carries underground to the other side), then we visited their museum, and the shops along their Main Street.
I bought a really nice oputfit that I'm very happy with, a top, a skirt, and a necklace...could've gone as far as buying shoes, but I figured I got enough at home so no point.
Came home and tossed D into bed...he's only just fallen asleep twirp that he is.
Making Cornon the cob, some steamed veggies (orange peppers, zuchinni, and beans) and some pasta primavera. Am contemplating a meat, but can't think of one that'd go...mebbe some chicken. Hmm...ponderable. I think it'd hafta be BBQ-ed just to flavour nicely...and I don't do BBQ.
Jeez Hunter isn't letting me put him down today, the burning hasn't even stopped in my shoulders and he's asking me to strap him back on. LOL
I'm quite surprised at how much H likes the bottle...I member D didn't care for it at all, but H has such an insatiable appetite I guess he don't care HOW he gets his food...just that he gets it. He's taken it quite well, and anyone can feed him
Thankfully Ronnie sent me a nice manual pump that doesn't require a whole lot of effort on my part...and mom found a pump in the thrift store for 3 dollars I think she said that's not as comfy, but still very effective. Am using both off and on so I can enjoy time out...and yesterday bought a bottle warmer...boy. Gerber is making a killing off of me.
Am working on the packettes of family them seperated, just need to put a nice message on them before I send them out. Lots of people to send them to. Made Chance phone his grandparents in Cali last week...they didn't even know I was pregnant until I was almost ready to have Hunter. LOL Poor people.
Well, anyhow, time to eat...been cooking for the last two hours, time to reap the rewards.

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Anonymous said...

I like the name Dari gives to "oh boys!" and now "echo park" What an imagination!