Friday, April 07, 2006


Tommorow is the weekend-long garage sale. I hope we can get into storage to get rid of some stuff. :o) We shall see, cause now Chance doesn't wanna go over to see if we can get in until the office closes ( >:o )
Anyways...tommorow is also D's easter egg hunt, hopefully that'll go well.
We got Kristy and Will's wedding invitations in the mail today, I really like them. Very tasteful, and sophisticated.
D and I had some fun today...we turned the radio on and the comp and tv off today, which is a very pleasant change.
I also got up before D this mornin which is also a pleasant change.
I cooked Chance breakfast before his big orientation at the Arc house. I also made him lunch. Hmm.
Had a nice day so far though, but it's been rough trying to get the lil man to eat. Oh well.
Darius made a wonderful crown today, he decorated it with stickers, sparkly glue, and pom poms. Very creative. :o)
Anywho...*sighs* Kind of a blah day.

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