Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, days are carrying on.
I'm getting a carseat from someone mom works with, and buying a playpen from another co-worker. Oh boy!
Am planning on going shopping at some point in time to get some stuff with the gift card and money that Steven gave to me during Easter weekend. Dunno what I'm gonna get. How do oyu buy things that aren't included on a list for your own shower? LOL
What a pickle.
Today I drove mom to work, came home and loaded the dishwasher, got a load of laundry in, made D's and my breakfast, and drove Chance to work. Then, we went to Extra, where we ate our breaky in the car in the parking lot, and then went grocery shopping. Came home, unloaded, put everything away...sat down for a rest, then made a snack.
We're picking mom up for lunch. :o) D says he's wants to eat at the "Girl's Place". (taking guesses if anyone can figure that one out!). Just think fast food. So, that's where we'll be heading.
Just finished our snacks...getting ready to shower, but am waiting on the OLP ticket giveaway for this hour b4 I hop in.
Nice relaxing day. Busy, but with enough time to unwind in between things that it's ok.
Chance has another double-shift today. 9-4 at Arc and 4:30-9 at the Youth Center. He asked for tuna for dinner. Hmm...
Got lots of meat whilst shopping...they had it on sale. I've got kabobs on the mind. Dunno why I'm tihnkin BBQ...s'not like mom and I know anything about BBQ-ing.
At least I'll have enough of a break this afternoon to get D down for a nap, and to mebbe do some sewing.
Chance was nice and switched his room around for me yesterday, so it looks better in there, and it's safer (hopefully...lord only knows what he'll come up with next).
D's happy and content today, thankfully, and I can deal with him.
Ahh...back to normal.
Tonight is Language Class. Hopefully I've learned enough over the last week of practise, that I won't be so difficult to teach. Mom and I are about the only regulars they have there, and we seem to be learning slow. In all fairness tho, mom has been taking classes at work for ages, and I've only just started last month.
Anyhow...back to the radio.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

I guess Wendy's!

Amber said...

Good Guess...that'd be it. Turns out he wanted to go there cause it's attatched to Timmy's here on the Westside, and he wanted a doughnut.