Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rainy Days

Well lastnight was Chance's first shift at the ARC house, and by the sounds of it, it went well. The shift went from 4 to, lucky me, I had to go get him. Mom gave me some money to go out for coffee afterwards, which was nice. Went for a doughnut and coffee after I picked him up and discussed his evening.
I need to get us a big family schedual so I know who needs what and when. I'm having a bit of toruble keeping track of vehicle needs. Hehehe. I'm jealous cause everyone needs the vehicle more than me, even my own son. :oP
Yesterday I stayed up in Westbank again whilst D was at Pre-School cause Chance needed the car in town. Wasn't bad, but I was a bit peeved that the library wasn't open until 10 seeing as I had walked there from his pre-school. Then I discovered that I had forgotten my money at home and thankfully mom was able to bring it to me at the Cherry Pit (once again I ended up just sitting and reading the newspaper over breakfast while I waited).
After I picked up D, we walked back down the hill to the library where we decided to stop and visit. D liked his first trip to the library. We read a bunch of books, and then carried on our way down to the McDonalds where I said we'd meet Chance. Surprisingly, he actually beat us there, and he was over 45 minutes early. So, he ate lunch with us there, then took us over to the school for D's Gymnastics.
I ended up hopping into gymnastics with D cause he wasn't listening very well, and trying to hurt himself by launching off of the equipment. So, I got to go through everything with him, and he seemed to do a lot better. I guess all the bright colours and activities are a bit much for him when he's so tired. Anyhow, he did good for the most part.
We came home, got him into bed, and then had to wake him up to drive Dad to work. Afterwards we went and picked up mom from work, and we headed in to Wal Mart.
We did our shopping, and I looked at their baby stuff (haven't had the opportunity to do that in a while), and came to the decision that I'd rather have a car seat with a base instead of a travel system because I'm opting to use a sling with baby #2. I'd prefer to have both hands free at all times so I can deal with D when needed. I really don't want to use the stroller too often. Course, the drawback is that I'd hafta pack everything baby-wise around, but, what else is new?
Anyhow, there are good prices on basic car seats, but I'd still like to hunt for the one with a zig-zag handle. Weh shall see, in any event.
I've got to get myself registered at Wal Mart, Sears, and Toys R Us, so hopefully that'll help everyone out. Otherwise, I've made a list of items that I'd like to insert into the invitations for the baby shower we're planning for next month. We're making our own invites, so it makes it a touch easier on the hands. We're planning a potluck on a Sunday afternoon, and inviting family of course. Chance will invite a few of his friends, and the rest is basically family. A lot of family will be recieving invitations in the mail, though I know most won't be able to make it. Oh well, at least they were invited, right? :oD
I enjoy making that extra effort to get everyone together for a good reason instead of a bad one.
Plan plan plan. :o)
I'm having Darius practise breathing techniques with me, along with stretching...lots of fun.
So today is a mellow day inside cause it's kind rainy outside today. blah on the weather...I guess we were due for it though, after all that sunshine!
Today we'll start making out Operation Feel Better cards. Oh Boy!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like lots of "busy."

Anonymous said...

Wish i could make it to the shower! Still looking forward to the hand made invite though :)