Friday, January 27, 2006


Kinda cute...Darius just got the concept of Snowfest...he gets to go to a night-time parade, and he gets to go see the fireworks after at the park.
He's very excited now...he wasn't before...that's why I like not telling him anything about what we're doing until we're either doing it, or just before.
Chance made us pancakes for dinner, and I'm enjoying my second breakfast of the day. :o)
Had to take a nap with D today to make sure he was gonna be rested for this eve...honest.
Had an ok morning I suppose...didn't do anything overly-incredible. Mostly stuck to the computer this morning as I was doing research on how to get D to feed himself, updating my prenancy book, and doing up my resume and the like. Most of my accomplishments meant that I spent my morning on the computer.
Oh's to the parade, and the fireworks...and our first year sharing it together as a family. Last year I took D by myself...stupid thing to do...walk with a child by yourself through downtown Kelowna at night...

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