Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fireworks in the Dark

Fireworks were amazing lastnight. I'm impressed. In comparason to last year's Snowfest Fireworks, these actually gave us a 20 minute show with a decent view from the lakeside. Was loads of fun.
I was rather disappointed that the Parade of Lights really were'nt lit up all that well, and they didn't even hand out candy or pamphlets. I actually went out of my way this year to bring D a backpack to carry his treats in...and he didn't even need it.
I'm also proud that Chance dressed himself appropriatly all on his own, without any urging from me. Yes, that means he put long johns on. :oD
Improvement is always a sign of hope folks...and I'll take what I can get.
So, today's events include an Armwrestling contest, and the infamous Polar Bear Dip...and this time we won't be able to get out of bearing witness. And yes, the camera will be coming with.
Should be interesting I hope.

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