Sunday, June 05, 2005

What a Day

Today, I skipped out on work, cause I was too tired. I've been joining mom as a binge down at the Casino.
Too embaressed to tell Sylvia I was too tired to show, and considering I didn't even have the decency to phone, I'm stalling before I finally call her.
It's rainy out right now.
We wasted time yesterday by 4x4-ing. Did some damage to the Expedition, so I guess that ends our trips with the big ole' truck. Fuck.
That's about all I can say about that...cuase god damn if I'm already havin trouble figuring out this post-truck budget of mine. It's workin, but some little extras are needed here and there. S'the way it works I suppose.
So am looking at taking a pregnancy test. Again.
I told mom while I tossed the silly thing into the cart today, just tell me to shut up and go on birth control already. *g*
Well, even though I can't say I am positive, I am feeling rather moody, craving foods, and have a sore...*ahem* chest. Fuck if it's just PMS. Then that would mean with extra stress, I'm all outta whack.
How I hate money, and it's ability to screw with everything.
Chance and I have been getting into little spats, after having 2 weeks of relative calmness between us. I about tore his head off yesterday and the day before. He's been laying on heavily for me to buy him a truck. Just a beater, but at least 1500.
Like...okay, I'm made of money, and my sole purpose in life to to support your sorry ass, and buy you whatever you want, whenever you want.
Just shut up already, and leave me alone, I have enough on my plate with trying to get us out of the last mess you helped to push me into.
God...grant me wisdom, and patience. And if it's not too much trouble, grant my husband the revelatin of being a good, respectful, and decent husband.

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