Monday, June 06, 2005

I wish...

And it seems the harder I wish, the faster I fall.
The splat is the most entertaining part.
Immigration got Chance's hopes up again, and by doing such, he's now downtoan on a rampage. *sighs*
Funny...I had things to do today, but so far have only managed to accomplish one thing. getting his cake baked.
I'm willing to bet that he's already spent all the birthday gift certificates. As if they couldn't wait until we had our whole list of things to do, and gotten it done in one shot. Gas is being wasted here.
I feel like such a twit sometimes.
I feel more lonely than not.
You know what's sad about my life? I fucked it up. Yup, there's no one to blame but me. I hate it when that happens. If I could sue someone for the way my life is going, I'd be rich, and somewhat relaxed...and maybe content enough to turn all attention to Darius, and let it all slide by.

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Nietha said...

well, the nice thing about knowing you only have yourself is to blame is that you've always been in control... which means, with that control, you can change your life. easier said than done though =)