Thursday, June 23, 2005

Loooong Day

Yup...I've been on the go since early early.
Got up...showered, went to work...did diddley at work. Came home, packed up stuff for storage, went and dropped it off, and made an attempt to re-arrange some stuff whilst Chance was switching our stuff over. (We managed to convince someone at the storage place to give us a smaller unit without paying the 3 months in advance, and it's 50 dollars cheaper)
Went a bought a lock cause we didn't quite finish, and didn't have a second one. Came home, ate dinner whilst watching Canadian Idol for 30 mins, then got up and started tidying the mess we made when we were packing things for storage, and decided to do a few things to the sewing corner. Put D to sleep, then got up and cleaned the tub to a literal sparkling shine! Yay.
It's sick that I can say that my sparkly tub makes me happy.
Re-arranged some stuff in bathroom, then put up some much needed decorations...
Did some laundry (about 3 loads in the proccess), and am now resting...
it's hard to come down from a cleaning high.

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